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24 Sep 2023

What Are Casters? Types and Applications

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What Are Casters? Types and Applications by HAION Caster

Casters are common mechanical devices that allow objects to roll smoothly on a flat surface, and they are ubiquitous in our daily lives. Casters consist of several components, including wheels, bearings, and mounts, and they are used in chairs, carts, machinery, and many other applications. Let's delve deeper into what casters are, the different types available, and their various applications.

Basic Structure of Casters

The primary components of casters include:

  1. Wheels: The most visible part of a caster, wheels are typically made of wear-resistant materials such as rubber, plastic, or metal. The diameter and material of the wheels determine their performance on different surfaces.

  2. Bearings: Bearings are located at the center of casters and reduce friction during rolling, making it easier for casters to rotate smoothly.

  3. Mounts: Mounts are the parts of casters that attach them to objects. They can be fixed or swivel, depending on the application.

Types of Casters

Casters come in various types, depending on their purpose and characteristics. Some common types include:

  1. Fixed Casters: These casters do not swivel and can only roll forward and backward. They are often used on objects that need a fixed position, such as the rear legs of furniture.

  2. Swivel Casters: Swivel casters can rotate 360 degrees, making objects easy to maneuver. They are commonly found on office chairs, shopping carts, and wheelchairs.

  3. Caster Wheels with Brakes: These casters come equipped with brake mechanisms that can lock the wheels in place, preventing them from rolling unintentionally.

Applications of Casters

Casters play a crucial role in a wide range of applications, including:

  1. Office Furniture: Office chairs and desks are often equipped with casters, making them easier to move and adjust.

  2. Industrial Machinery: Casters are used in industrial machinery and equipment to facilitate material handling and smooth machine operation.

  3. Medical Equipment: Casters are essential in medical equipment such as hospital beds and wheelchairs, providing mobility and convenience for patients.

  4. Shopping Carts: Supermarket and mall shopping carts rely on casters to enable customers to shop conveniently.

  5. Transportation Devices: Casters are used on transportation devices like bicycles, scooters, and luggage, enhancing their maneuverability.


Casters are common yet essential mechanical devices, and their different types and applications make our daily lives more convenient. Whether in homes, offices, industrial settings, or medical environments, casters play an indispensable role. If you need more information about casters or wish to purchase specific types of casters, please feel free to contact u


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